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Live Streaming Services

Live streaming is a great way to include people who can't physically be there because of distance. By harnessing the power of the internet and modern video camera equipment, we are able to broadcast live to an audience anywhere in the world. Simply access a link from any internet connected device such as a PC, tablet or smart-phone.

What We Do

Live streaming services for every occasion

Church Live Streaming

There are many advantages to live streaming church services. Engage with people who cannot be physically present because of distance or other inhibiting factors such as disability or old age. Church live streaming makes it easy for people to see how your church services operate.

Live Stream Weddings

By live streaming your wedding means you are able to include people without the large guest list, saving you money and giving you an intimate wedding. Include guests who would normally not be able to attend due long distances. share the memories as they happen with friends and family anywhere in the world.

Funeral Live Streaming

Provide closure and help people move on by allowing them to watch a funeral live online. This helps the grieving process immensely for loved ones far and near who are not able to attend. All that is required is a device such as a computer or smart-phone connected to the internet.

Streaming Solutions

Whatever your live streaming requiresments are you can be sure that we have a solution for you. Including conference streaming, live event broadcasting, private live stream and more. We use state of the art live streaming software and all streaming video is in HD quality.

Streaming Solutions

Now you can easily include people so they don't have to miss out on important moments

Church Live Streaming

Streaming Solutions

Connect with people who are not able to attend your church by using our church live streaming service.

Live Stream Wedding

Streaming Solutions

Share you special day with friends and family all over the world.

Funeral Live Streaming

Streaming Solutions

Help family and friends move on and get closure by inviting them to view a live stream of a funeral.

Conference Streaming

Streaming Solutions

State of the art live streaming software - streaming video is always in HD quality.

The sound was clear, no issues and the video was good too. The venue had an excellent projector and amp. Thanks for a job well done.

Andrew Amee & Lance's Wedding 18.12.2020

Just wanted to say the biggest Thankyou for the livestream work you did for us last week - we honestly could not be happier with how it all went! Your helpfulness, ability to change areas with information sent the day before ... and the quality of your work.. we’re just so blessed and thankful to have found your business! We would recommend you to anybody and wish you all the best!

Amee & Lance Amee & Lance's Wedding 18.12.2020

We have had so many reports from the people who were watching the livestream that they could see and hear everything that went on and they were grateful to have felt so much a part of it.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.

Fleur Trickey Kel Trickey's Funeral Service 28.12.2020

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